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First Steps into Digital Photography Course - Level 2

This online photography course teaches you the fundamentals of photography and is the ideal starting point for your photographic learning. Have you ever seen truly amazing photographs and wished you could take images like these? This course you will teach you the fundamentals which professionals use to create these amazing photographs.

Our course will enable you to begin using the manual and semi-manual controls of your camera and will start to help you explore photographic composition. While these are the very building blocks of good photography it is not enough just to know how to do something. Our photography courses will also help you to understand the why.

It is very important to understand that photography is a creative process, and this course is about your creative development as a photographer. You need to start to take control of this and understand how, and more importantly why you do things. This is a large part of our ethos. Our courses will never tell you not to do something, but will ask you to evaluate the reasons why you did it.

StructurePlease NoteSupportAssessmentProgressionFundingQualifications
Unit One: Basic composition
Learn how to effectively compose your photographs, just like an expert.

Unit Two: Creative use of Shutter speed
Learn how to creatively control the speed of the camera shutter for many outstanding visual effects.

Unit Three: Creative use of depth of field
Learn how to play with depth of field to focus on certain parts of a shot with pin-point quality and sharpness.

Unit Four:Understanding Light
Learn how to 'see' the light and how to use it to your advantage to achieve those expert looking shots.

Unit Five:Understanding exposure
Learn how exposure works and how to ensure you get the correct exposure for your shot – every time.

Unit Six: Themed Brief
This final unit is primarily concerned with the consolidation and refinement of your photographic skills learnt during this course.

More inform here about our teaching ethos 

We highly recommend that you read our Policies and FAQ sections prior to booking. 

Please note that to get the most out of this course you will ideally have a bridge camera or a DSLR camera, along with a tripod. While it is possible to use more basic kit for this course you will find yourself limited at times. If you are unsure about the suitability of your equipment please ring Brian to discuss your options.
We also have a Facebook  group where students can interact with other students and share and discuss their images.
We are dedicated to your learning and we really are with you 100% of the way. You will have access to Our online student learning area, where you can access your learning materials. All submissions and feedbacks are completed through this portal.
Our course is designed to build your skills over a longer time frame. With this in mind you have 12 months to complete all of the units, although you can of course finish earlier. If for any reason you need to extend your course beyond the 12 months please contact your tutor and unlike other course providers we do not charge you for this.

We always aim to feedback you your submissions with a detailed written feedback within 7 working days, although normally it is quicker and some times I can be returned to you within a few hours. This again is unlike other providers who sometimes will take up to 3 months to feedback to you.

Click here to view an example of the sort of detail our feedbacks contain

Your work is assessed on a unit by unit basis, with your personal tutor only moving you on the the next unit when they feel you have reached the required skill level. On completion of the course you will be awarded the DigitalMasterclass certificate. Your certificate will normally be posted to you within 14 days of completion. 

Students that have chosen the accreditation route will build a small portfolio of work for submission to OCN at the end of the course. Your personal tutor will help you to build this submission and work with you to ensure your achievement.

Once completed your submission will be internally moderated, then externally verified and accredited by OCN. This process can take a number of weeks after which your certificate will be posted to you.

Click here to view an example Level 2 OCN Submission

Click here to view an example Level 3 OCN Submission
Following this course you could consider moving on to our Next Steps in Digital Photography and Introduction to Photoshop courses. These courses will allow you to build a strong base of master photographer's skills.

This skill base will seamlessly progress you to our specialist courses. For this reason we recommend that all students complete some, if not all of our foundation courses.
There is a chance you could have your course fees paid by a funding body. This will depend on your financial and personal situation, but because our courses are externally accredited and certified by an nationally recognised awarding body you are more likely to have your claim for assistance approved. Click Here for more information.

All of our courses, workshops and experience day can be paid with our interest free Student Account
DMC First Steps to Digital Photography and
Digital Photography & Printmaking Processes Level 2 optional OCN Accreditation £80

All of our courses are accredited by The Open College Network (OCN), a leading UK Awarding Organisation. This course has been accredited as a Level 2 (GCSE marking level equivalent), and the skills learnt will enable you to complete the OCN accreditation "Digital photography and printmaking processes".

As not everybody requires a qualification this accreditation is offered as a add-on extra to your course. However, as we have found that building the OCN submission enables you to re-evaluate your learning in a holistic way we strongly recommend you completing the OCN option even if the qualification is not important to you. This process really helps to consolidate your retention of your new photographic skills.