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Nature and Wildlife Photography Course - Level 3

Level 3 OCN Nature and Wildlife Photography Acceditation Included. 

This is the ideal course if you have a love of nature and wildlife
. Central to the course is the Laser Learning portfolio of work, and this would be the culmination of your course. You would work through the units one at a time. The images you gain from the course are used for submission.
wildwood wildlife day
wolves and badgers
Please Note
To complete this, you would complete 5 units covering different aspects of nature and wildlife photography.

1.  Captive Animals
This unit can be completed at a local animal park of your own choice (perhaps just as a general visitor). Tutor support via email and telephone.
2.  Flora and Fauna

This can be completed just around your local area.
You will gain skills in effectively and creatively photographing plants, insects and perhaps small mammals.Tutor support via email and telephone.

3.  How to get that shot
This should be completed local to your area and you should be concentrating on the local wildlife rather than captive animals (this may just be birds and squirrels in your back garden, or you might want to be more adventurous).
Skills will also be developed in the use of telephoto lenses and appreciation of the environment and light from a photographic perspective. Tutor support via email and telephone.

4.  Themed Brief

This is where you pull together the learning from the 3 previous units and you should use a selection of styles and subjects to complete this unit. Tutor support via email and telephone. For this unit you are required to submit a detailed submission to your tutor that includes a range of images from all of the previous units, along with commentary on each image and on the course as a whole.

5.  OCN Submission
You can use the images taken through the course or you can reshoot images if you prefer. You will build a portfolio of work for submission to OCN and your tutor will guide you through this process.

We highly recommend that you read our Policies and FAQ sections prior to booking. 
Please note that to get the most out of this course you will ideally need a lens with close-up/macro capabilities, as well as a telephoto/zoom lens that has a maximum focal length of around 200mm to 400mm (or greater). While it is possible to use more basic kit for this course (for instance many compact cameras have great macro features) you will find yourself limited at times. If you are unsure about the suitability of your equipment please ring Brian to discuss your options.

Finally, as with all of our specialist courses a good understanding of the basics of photography, including composition, and camera functions is advisable. If you feel you do not have these skills you may wish to seriously consider working through our Foundation Suite first.
All DMC students have their own personal tutor, helping them with their course work. They can contact their personal tutor by email or phone for all the practical advice they may need.
We also have a Facebook group where students can interact with other students and share and discuss their images.
We are dedicated to your learning and we really are with you 100% of the way. You will have access to Our online student learning area, where you can access your learning materials. All submissions and feedbacks are completed through this portal.
On completion of your 4 photography units you will build a portfolio of work for submission to Laser Learning. Your personal tutor will help you to build this submission and work with you to ensure your achievement.

Once completed your submission will be internally moderated, then externally verified and accredited by Laser Learning. This process can take a number of weeks after which your certificate will be posted to you.

Click here to view an example Level 3 OCN Submission

Following this course you could consider moving on to any of our specialist courses.

These courses will allow you to build a strong base of master photographer's skills. This skill base will seamlessly progress you to our specialist courses. For this reason we recommend that all students complete some, if not all of our foundation courses.
There is a chance you could have your course fees paid by a funding body. This will depend on your financial and personal situation, but because our courses are externally accredited and certified by an nationally recognised awarding body you are more likely to have your claim for assistance approved. Click Here for more information

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Photography of Nature and Wildlife Level 3

All of our courses are accredited by Laser Learning Awards, a leading UK Awarding Organisation. This course has been accredited as a Level 3 (A Level marking level equivalent).