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We Can Offer You And Your Students An Online Learning Environment.

The Learning Area, How Does It Work?

The learning zone (how it works for the student).
The learning environment is an password protected learning area within DigitalMasterclass. Your students can log into via their own computer, or any device with internet access. Inside they will find all the learning materials for the course they have been enrolled on to. As soon as you enrol your student they will receive a username and password for their own personal account on the learning environment. They can then work through the learning materials at their own pace at their leisure, at home or in a classroom situation.

The students as well as downloading the learning materials they can also upload their work for assessment. These can be any sort of submissions including word documents and audio or visual files too. The students can access any multi choice tests you have set for your course. The students will given instant results, so they know if they have passed or failed. Retakes are also offered to your students with no extra charge.

The students can also have contact with their tutor via phone or email. The tutor can give support, tips and guidance through student learning journey.  
The learning zone (how it works for you as a tutor).
You will be registered on to the Tutor Area, and you will have a user name and password to access your students work and follow their journey.

As a tutor you decide what leaning materials are required for your course and make these available for your students and you are able to update them as you need to. You will also have full self marking testing systems in place. You can also decide the pass rate too, the test are pass or fail.

If student submit work to their student area the system will notify you by email. You can download their work and then upload feedback to the student as you see fit. You will be able to see the students highest passed test result. We would suggest you see the testing as cumulative rather that summative. You could use it as cumulative but we feel that this would need to be within a correct classroom test environment.