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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipment do I need?

Your digital camera, a range of lenses if you have them, a charger, a tripod and a rucksack. Additional batteries are important too, as there is nothing worse than getting half way up a mountain only to find your batteries are low. Also make sue you have plenty of memory cards and your own laptop if you own one.

Q: I'm only a beginner. Are your Masterclasses any use to me?

All all of our classes are primarily aimed at the beginner and intermediate level of photographic knowledge. However, even the advanced practitioner would gain from these courses.

Q: As an advanced practitioner what would I gain from your courses?

Obviously working with a group of like minded people in great locations, is always of benefit but because of our low student to tutor ratio (4:1) we are able to give you guidance and focus. Once in the classroom our critique style of constructive feedback would reinforce and widen your knowledge. Please see our Advance Practitioners Course details.

Q: Can I use my own laptop?

Most people prefer to use their own laptops to work on their images. This has a couple of major advantages: you are often more comfortable with your own computer setup, and any unfinished work can be transported home easily, ready for completion at a later date. If you do not own your own laptop we will be happy to supply you with one for image editing. However please be sure to let us know in advance so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

Q: Do I need to shoot with a digital camera?

Yes, as our courses are computer based we need you to shoot with a digital camera. We can arrange hire for you if you don't own one from £10 a day.

Q: What if I need a break?

Then take a break, take the time you need to complete our courses. But please keep in touch with us. After 2 years of inactivity we will pressume you have left the course. You can restart after this time although there is a £50 reactivation fee. Just by keeping in touch with us you can forgo this charge, so please keep in touch.

Q: What software will I learn?

Adobe Photoshop is our preferred program as it is industry standard and most widely used.