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When I decided to move into therapy/counselling I wanted to be a little bit different. Mainly because I have seen with my own eyes that counselling doesn't seem to work for everyone. and I was interested to explore why this was..

What I found was that often people felt that they were being told what to do. A bit like going to the doctors and they tell you to take these tablets. They never ask which tables you want, and for good reason. But with mental health it is a bit different, after all we are all different and we all do things differently.

I now offer ACT based talking therapy services through my Hythe based Talking in the Shed.


DMC Photography College

I hold an Honours Degree in Visual Design and Advertising, as well as a HND in Multimedia Design. I have taught NVQs and Modern Apprenticeships within the work place, and have delivered courses for The Ashford School of Art and Design, South Kent College, West Kent College and Learndirect.

I achieved my Advanced Certificate in Education from Canterbury Christ Church University College and I hold D32 and D33 assessors qualifications as well as Internal Verifier Award. I am proud that DigitalMasterclass achieved the coveted direct claim status.